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All The Things You Must Know About Skin Foundations

Makeup has always been a favorite topic as well as an activity for people. While earlier, there was only limited makeup and options, now with such evolvement people are spoilt for choices.

Makeup is also gaining increasing popularity today as it has become a booming profession, not just as a makeup artist but also as a makeup blogger or an influencer. Makeup today has a new and advanced definition. Everything in composition has multiple types and dimensions. Each product has countless options. One such product is skin foundation. It forms the usual base for makeup, and there are too many options to choose from.

What Do Foundations Contain?

Let us take a look at what do foundations contain to decide which type of foundation would suit which skin type.


This is the traditional ingredient. Oil is used to make all forms of foundation. It can be used to produce foundation cakes or even to make oil-based shakers. This type of foundation is usually the right call for dry skin. Since it has oil, it is not a recommended foundation for large pores.


Emollient is also a traditional component for the foundation. Adding emollient to a foundation makes the foundation moist. It also adds features like moderately waterproof and even opaque coverage. However, these can still fade and smudge. Foundations have long since advanced into much better components.


Water-based foundations are foundations that have a mix of oil and water with water being a vital ingredient. These are many advanced foundations in liquid formats and provide medium coverage. These became popular with women because these give a natural appearance to your face.


These type of foundation contain alcohol, water, and pigment. This could be termed as the best choice for the foundation for large pores. This alcohol and water mix was invented explicitly for acne prone skin and helped to clear up clogged pores. It is an ideal foundation that doesn’t damage your skin.


These are foundations that are based on talc as it’s the main ingredient. It is mixed with pigment and emollient and then pressed into pans to form foundation cakes. These are typically good for people with oily skin as they have a mild drying effect on the skin.

What Are The Coverage Types?

Some foundations cater to all forms of coverage that your skin needs. You need not have to bother about overdoing it, use a lighter version.


Sheer is the most transparent form of foundation. This contains the minimum amount of pigment and helps to hide the unevenness. This form of foundation will not work on discolorations or marks entirely as it is very transparent.


This form of foundation contains more pigment than sheer foundation. It can have up to 18% pigment and hence covers the skin better than sheer coverage. It can help to cover blotchiness on the skin.


For more coverage, the foundation needs more pigment. This medium coverage foundation has up to 23% pigment. This can easily cover all the freckles, pimple marks, blemishes, or blotchiness. It works to make the skin tone even.


This has a maximum amount of pigment which can go up to 50% too. It is used for an opaque experience and to cover up things like scars, birthmarks, hyper-pigmentation and the likes of it. It is as good as a correction or a camouflage.

How To Apply The Foundation?

There are various ways to apply the foundation, and it also depends on the type of foundation that you use to decide how you will apply it


Foundation can be applied very easily using the fingers. It is the most natural way to apply the foundation, and it will be beneficial as the heat from the fingers helps to mix the colors to the tone of the skin very favorably.


There are triangular and round sponges available which can both be utilized for different forms of foundation and face area. While a triangular sponge works best to use a liquid foundation at edgy areas like under the eyes, a round sponge works best on a powder foundation and the flat regions.


A brush is a professional and perfect way to apply the foundation. It is usually used by makeup artists to utilize the full coverage foundation for its special effects. There are different types and sizes of brushes available


This was your one-stop read for everything related to foundations in a gist. I hope this article helps you choose your perfect makeup base!